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The Life Tree : A.P.J.Abdul Kalam i am legend

The Life Tree
Poems : A.P.J.Abdul Kalam
Painting illustrations by Manav Gupta

Published By: 
Penguin Books India (Private) Limited, New Delhi.
Poems of Love, Faith and Patriotism

Our respected President, Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, has contributed invaluably to our country's progress in space research and defence technologies. However, he is not only an eminent scientist. He is also a sensitive and thoughtful poet. This confluence of scientific brilliance and poetic talent is truly unique.

The poem contained in this book bring out Dr. Kalam's deep love for India and her rich culture. Together with his devotion to God and to this Motherland, his devotion to humanity is also uniquely manifested in thess poems. Beleiving his ability and acheivements to be God's gifts, he has dedicated them to the welfare of the Indian people. Through the medium of his poetry he has send a message of selfless service, dedication and pure faith.

Dr. Kalam has always been an opponent of communalism, casteism, linguistic chauvinism, regionalism and voilence. Showing a profound understanding of Indian society, he attempts to find solution to problems with compassion, detachment, forbearance and sympathy. In this poem he has attempted, very credibly, to express in simple terms even a concept as a complex as the search for God.

'O creator of dreams,
Why do you keep searching for God?
Nature is His home, purity His abode
And Life is but His blessing!
Keep loving nature and care for its being,
Then you can see divinity all over!'

As a true Indian, Dr. Kalam is naturally distressed by the misuse of religion for ungodly ends. Nevertheless, he is confident that true faith in God and compassion for humankind can save us from the poison of communalism and casteism. He says:

The so-called educated seperate our souls....
They give not knowledge but hate and defeat;
Tell others not to heed their unwanted advice,
As the Almighty created all equal and free.

Behind his scientific acheivements and poetic works, Dr. Kalam dreams of better world for the children of India and the world. He says:

I have no house, only open space
Filled with truth, kindness, desire and dreams:
Desire to see my country developed and great,
Dreams to see happiness and peace abound.

Reading Dr. Kalam's poems, my heart fills with patriotism, love and faith. With this same faith I am honoured to be place these poems before you.
Acknowledgements (viii)
Foreward by Atal Bihari Vajpayee (ix)
1. Song of Youth (1)
2. The Life Tree (5)
3. O Alimighty, Light the Lamp of Knowledge (11)
4. Harmony (15)
5. Pursuit of Happiness (17)
6. Gratitude (21)
7. Anguish (25)
8. Nature (27)
9. God (31)
10. Message (35)
11. Let It Be We (37)
12. Clouds (41)
13. Pride (45)
14. Ancestor's Desire (47)
15. Unseen Hands (51)
16. Rock Walls (55)
17. His Best Creation (59)
18. Memory (63)
19. Tumult (67)
20. Tears (71)
21. My Mother (73)
22. Whispers of Jasmine (77)
23. Prayer Touches the Soul (81)
24. Soaring Dreams (85)
25. I Am the Child of Bihar (87)
26. My National Prayer (89)

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